Here is How Metrographics Uses Their Strengths to be Successful

In today’s marketplace, if you want to be successful, then you have to know your strengths. At Metrographics’, we know that one of our greatest strengths is our ability to create close partnerships with clients that drive strong business growth. These partnerships allow our customers new experiences—with us right at their side—as we build a solid foundation for future work together. We pride ourselves in having a unique relationship with each individual client, just like how we provide them a buying experience that is tailor made just for them.

Foundation of Trust.

Being able is about being competent. At Metrographics we have the expertise, training, and qualifications to fulfill our individual role. We consistently achieve our goals and have a proven track record of success. Our values are clear and we apply them consistently. We act with integrity and always deal with those around us honestly and fairly. You will never find us gossiping, or stretching the truth—or misrepresenting ourselves in any way. We have a people-first mentality and genuinely care about your well-being. The bottom line is we are there to share our print craftsmanship knowledge and ultimately deliver our customers a superior finished product. 

No Secrets.

We feel strongly at Metrographics’ that the best way to make a connection with our customers is by creating a culture of utmost transparency. We openly share information about ourselves and our organization, and trust others to use that information responsibly. Because we believe so strongly that there should be no secrets, we keep our doors wide open to our customers. We even allow tours of our warehouse so you can see everything firsthand. 

Do What You Say.

It’s important in this industry to do what you say you’re going to do. Even for the little things. We believe that if you don’t follow through on your commitments, you not only lose trust but you miss opportunities. At Metrographics, you will find us dependable, reliable, and that we unfailingly keep our promises. We know the damage that one false promise can cause and continually maintain accountability. We have earned the reputation of being someone you can always count on and who follows through on our commitments. 

Take the Risk.

With all the many changes to our industry over the last few years, there is one thing that kept us from sinking: we are not afraid to take a chance. We embrace new ideas and experiences and believe that our ability to take a risk helps define us. Taking chances is how we have become who we’ve become.

Our Most Prized Asset—Metrographics Human Capital.

The main reason why our organization is so successful today, is because of the employees we have on staff. They have a specialized skill set and great knowledge when it comes to printing. They also fit in perfectly with our company’s goals and values. We believe in taking a positive and transparent approach to communication and encourage collaborative thinking. To us, our employees are as valuable as gold and while Jason (CEO), and I (VP), are the face of the company, our employees are the heart and soul. They make it happen, and we are who we are because of them.

Metrographics is a locally owned company with a strong commitment to our customers, craft, and community. If you’re looking for a printer to collaborate, be creative and brainstorm with — Metrographics’ is the partner for you. 

Who Said Print Is Dead?
This Is Why Print is More Exceptional Than Ever

Has the digital transformation killed print?

Some would say yes, research would say…most definitely not.

There is no question that with the advent of digital, the publishing industry has undertaken some radical alterations. It’s true that thousands of newspapers all around the world were either swallowed up by larger corporations or shut down all together as a result of digital. And as we continue to see eBooks, online newspapers, and audio books emerge, some people say that print is dying.

Other people would disagree and instead say print is more exceptional than ever.

The Digital Transformation.

The media industry is still in the midst of a digital transformation, which is largely driven by consumer behavior. Mobile technology has reshaped the way in which people take in information and consume their content. Many are choosing multiple formats for their reading and may listen to an audio book one day and then switch it up with a paperback the following day. It is important to realize that the digital transformation is not temporary. You won’t wake up one day and find that it’s gone. Instead, consumers (and businesses) should try to find the right balance of digital and print to incorporate into their world. And just as digital is not temporary— print has not vanished— it’s merely changed its role in everyday life. And advertisers still very much believe in the value it has for their product.

Print Has Special Qualities.

Print allows you to have complete control. There is no clutter, no annoying popup advertisements, and no commercial interruptions. Print has specific qualities that digital can’t touch—tangible qualities, such as the texture the card stock is printed on, or how the different weights feel. Print can demonstrate quality above all. Consumers cite preferring print to digital for a number of reasons, including finding it easier to read, being able to retain and understand the info better, and having a more relaxed feeling overall while reading. Others feel they pay better attention while reading print and can drown out distracting noises. The bottom line is that print has the personal touch when digital usual does not.

Paper Books Still the Most Popular

Print books are still the most popular format consumers choose to use when reading. In fact, according to a 2018 Pew Research Survey, 39% of Americans chose to read print books only while 29% will read either print books or their eBook counterpart. A mere 7% of Americans chose digital as their only choice for reading. Based on these results it appears to be safe that print is still kicking strong.

Print is proving to be resilient. People enjoy engaging with print materials and like the tangibility it offers. It stimulates the senses in a unique way. Print has a way of truly taking hold of readers and freeing them from distractions that would otherwise ruin the words. So, the next time someone asks, “Is print dead?”, you can tell them the answer is that print media not only survives—it thrives and always comes out on top.

Crazy Creative Ideas
It makes the job so worthwile

When last I blogged, I talked about Metrographics ability to help customers with any amount of experience and any amount of “crazy creative” ideas. I thought that over the next few blogs I would share a few of my favorites or “proud moments.”  Some of them are memorable for me because they were super complicated and some were not as difficult but resulted in an extremely satisfied customer.  We like providing a Great Customer Experience and many times we are rewarded with a Great Experience with the Customer! It makes the job so worthwhile….

My colleague Amanda recently talked about a large format project we did for a local customer.  We were given the opportunity to provide the wall graphics for the ground floor (and above!) of their new corporate headquarters. Our customer had a definite vision of what she wanted. (What felt like miles) of vinyl, glass walls, acrylic, metal letters and even a larger-than-life Scrabble Board.

Where DOES one find really large magnetic Scrabble Tiles? And how to decide on depth of stand-off letters and size of graphics on a wall that stretches over 130 feet? And what would be a good material to print on to provide visual interest yet make a cohesive project within a reasonable budget?
These and many other questions were asked and answered.  We pooled our resources and found answers to them all. This challenge was further complicated by a short time frame (a prescheduled “Big Reveal” at a customer event and construction delays). The client stayed flexible and so did the team at Metrographics.

The client’s text sums it up. “I’m sure I haven’t said this enough, thank you so much for everything you all have done especially with a very quick turn around. Everything looks so amazing. I’m am so happy we were able to work together on this and you made my ideas come to life. I couldn’t have done it without you! Everyone has had such good things to say about everything as well, you are truly amazing!”

What big dreams do you have? Let us help!