Once Upon A Time in a land many year’s away where the dinosaurs still roamed… Ha! Kidding. I don’t think I’m quite that old even though some days it feels like it! In my younger years I attended CPCC for a graphic design degree. I tried the 4-year college route but just couldn’t stay awake during all those classes about History, Calculus and… zzzzzzz


I received my Associates in 1986 and went on to work for a local design house , Hixson Design. I paid my dues over the course of the next 5 years working over a drafting table, hand rendering fonts, pasting up type and learning the tricks of the trade when all at once I  decided the starving artist scene was not going to be my thing. I began working for Mac Papers as a Paper Spec Rep calling on Ad Agencies, Design Houses, and in house Marketing Departments to procure firm paper spec requests on jobs. Since my entry into the sales world I have worked for 2 paper distributors, Mac Papers and Zellerbach (a blast from the past!), and 4 printing companies – Belk Printing, Keys Printing, Hickory Printing and now Metrographics. I have been with Metrographics 10 years as an Account Executive peddling print on paper and a multitude of other substrates.


During my printing tenure I have witnessed the dramatic turn technology has brought to our industry. No longer am I responsible for an art board and ensuring all copy and images stay pasted in place but rather the speed of lightning way in which we conduct business these days via the world wide web. Metrographics has grown over the 10 years of my employment embracing the new technologies and expanding our service offerings. It has been an adventure each time a new piece of equipment is added learning how to incorporate the new services into my clients need for print material.


I remember so well in the ‘90’s the world was on fire that we were going to soon be a paperless society. I am still waiting for that day to happen! Metrographics proves day in and day out that print technology is alive and well and is here to stay.


I am privileged to be a part of such a great work family here at Metrographics!


CA Weaver