I admit it… it’s my first blog… and I’m scared. It’s just getting started that is tough. I feel like I have no roadmap. It’s not my area of specialty and I have no previous experience. So what’s a girl to do? Answer: Find a reliable resource. A professional. Someone who has been down the road before. Has seen the potential pitfalls and knows how to avoid them. Isn’t that what we should do when faced with a new challenge? In work? In health? In life?

That’s my “printing thing.” I want to be the reliable resource for those who are feeling their way through their first print project or their 100th print project.

Our industry has changed so much that frequently the folks tasked with buying printing and ushering it through the production process haven’t been taught to do the job. And that’s OK. They are usually super smart and capable and have talents I could never master. Instagram? Twitter? Spreadsheets? Yep! They can do it. And this is what I love about my job at Metrographics. We get the opportunity to meet people at all levels of experience and create a job they can be proud of. As a salesperson with 26 years of experience, I’ve seen a few things but I look at every day as a new learning opportunity. As our market grows and changes, we at Metrographics do too.

We love finding projects that have an interesting twist and need creative minds to make it happen. I love bringing a customer’s idea to my teammates and figuring out a way to get it done. We might be making paper dummies, mixing a special ink, building a freestanding tradeshow graphic….it happens every day. Sometimes it’s just a regular mailer, brochure or catalog but with a little tweak it might become more cost effective. Add a little aqueous coating and it becomes a tactile masterpiece.

That’s just a little about me and my team at Metrographics and what drives us. Stay tuned for more success stories and let us create one for you!