That is what we, at Metrographics, want to accomplish.  Every customer, every job we want to exceed expectations for every customer.  This goal  is part of what drives me.  I hope to be given an opportunity to meet and work with you the next time you want a printed job to look great, and be delivered on time.  Whether offset, digital, wide format, mailing, kitting or fulfillment, I would look forward to introducing you to a really great, talented team of professionals here at Metrographics.


Most of my customers are professional men and women accomplished in their field.  Medical, law, large and small retail, manufacturing, municipalities and government. These are some of the clients I am working with just this month with large goals, limited time.


When you are searching for a printer to help you meet the demands of your business, including tight deadlines, I would think you would be looking  for a person with a variety of successful experiences to help you reach that goal. This is my 17th year in printing sales.  Prior to that I had 22 years selling the equipment and technology to help printing companies streamline their manufacturing processes. Give us the chance to exceed expectations on your next print job?


Watch for my next blog.  I hope to share important information with you, that will help make your life a little easier working with us as your printer of choice.