When last I blogged, I talked about Metrographics ability to help customers with any amount of experience and any amount of “crazy creative” ideas. I thought that over the next few blogs I would share a few of my favorites or “proud moments.”  Some of them are memorable for me because they were super complicated and some were not as difficult but resulted in an extremely satisfied customer.  We like providing a Great Customer Experience and many times we are rewarded with a Great Experience with the Customer! It makes the job so worthwhile….

My colleague Amanda recently talked about a large format project we did for a local customer.  We were given the opportunity to provide the wall graphics for the ground floor (and above!) of their new corporate headquarters. Our customer had a definite vision of what she wanted. (What felt like miles) of vinyl, glass walls, acrylic, metal letters and even a larger-than-life Scrabble Board.

Where DOES one find really large magnetic Scrabble Tiles? And how to decide on depth of stand-off letters and size of graphics on a wall that stretches over 130 feet? And what would be a good material to print on to provide visual interest yet make a cohesive project within a reasonable budget?
These and many other questions were asked and answered.  We pooled our resources and found answers to them all. This challenge was further complicated by a short time frame (a prescheduled “Big Reveal” at a customer event and construction delays). The client stayed flexible and so did the team at Metrographics.

The client’s text sums it up. “I’m sure I haven’t said this enough, thank you so much for everything you all have done especially with a very quick turn around. Everything looks so amazing. I’m am so happy we were able to work together on this and you made my ideas come to life. I couldn’t have done it without you! Everyone has had such good things to say about everything as well, you are truly amazing!”

What big dreams do you have? Let us help!