Have you been trying to find a way to elevate your brand through marketing? Well if so, you are in luck, because there are multiple exciting and creative custom special effect print techniques that will set you apart from the competition. Finished print materials not only command attention visually, but also prompt customers to use their sense of touch, thereby creating a longer lasting impression. Here are four custom print techniques that can help you enhance your brand image and take your business to the next level.

1. Letterpress Printing Brings Prestige.

          Letterpress printing is a technique that uses a printing press, a process by which many copies are created by repeated, direct impression of an inked, raised surface against paper. The raised letters or images on the surface pick up the ink from the roller and then transfer it to the paper. It can be likened with how a rubber stamp works. You can use metal plates, wood, and stone for letterpress. This particular type printing brings tremendous quality at a fast speed, but requires the utmost craftsmanship and attention to tiny details. Customers will be drawn to the highly professional prestigious look. The finished product will have a raised effect that is sophisticated, elegant, and of unmatched handcrafted quality.  


2. Add Some Sparkle With Foil.

          Foil printing is a way to create visually remarkable materials by applying pigment or metallic foil to paper using a hot die. Adding foil embellishments or accents is a proven way to draw attention to various materials including business cards, information guides, letterhead, invitations, presentation folders, and any other printed piece that you want to have a personal touch. Using this method will generate in increased interest in your brand as your materials will stand out above all others.

3. Get Sophisticated With Silk Lamination.

          It’s no secret that there is a small window of time to make a first impression on a customer–AND to make sure people recognize your brand in a positive light. That’s where silk lamination comes in– a process in which a layer of plastic coats materials, ultimately making them waterproof, tear proof, and about as sophisticated as you can get. Silk lamination creates distinguished looking print with a uniform finish that is subtly textured. You can add even more interest if you change up the shape and use something such as rounded corners.

4. Getting Classy With Die Cutting.

          This process uses a cutting die made out of steel to create specific shapes and designs. It can be likened to the effect the sharp edges of a cookie cutter have on the soft cookie dough. The edges cut away at whatever shape you are trying to achieve to tell your brand story–such as a dentist might want to have a tooth shaped business card to explain his dental practice. A tooth shaped business card is sure to catch the eye and leave a long-lasting impression. Die cut materials stand out from regular business cards so that your customers will always notice.

Print is a powerful tool in developing your brand using unique, top-quality business cards, brochures, posters, flyers, and more—each having the potential to make a first-rate impression with your customers. So, drive engagement with your brand and make it stand out by incorporating special effects into your designs.